Data Management


True Data Integration and Warehousing

Scholarly iQ integrates online usage data from web logs, page tags or a hybrid of these with offline data such as articles, journals, customer accounts, and subscription pricing, into a relational database. This database is then used for all reporting interfaces and includes remote ODBC access for ad-hoc reporting, providing a full view for accurate decision making by multiple stakeholders.

Pre-processing for Data Security and Integrity

While the COUNTER reporting process requires multiple feeds from publishers, the Scholarly iQ process proactively analyzes all incoming feeds for relational integrity and cleanses the data based on agreed standards. An automated email reports all findings made during pre-processing. Publishers know that their feeds are imported with care before COUNTER processing begins.

Over 120 Million Page Views per Month reported

Over 20 Million Visits per Month reported

Safe Storage and 100% Uptime

In order to support the large volume of usage data, the Scholarly iQ system is housed on dedicated redundant servers with guaranteed 100% uptime. All data from server logs or tagged solutions are stored in a relational database allowing for detailed reporting and ensuring accommodation of future business requirements. Nightly incremental and weekly full backups are conducted with offsite data replication. Databases are horizontally partitioned to ensure optimal performance and ease of maintenance with a standard retention period of five years.