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About Scholarly iQ


Launched in 2002, SiQ provides industry leading data management and analytic reporting services to libraries and publishers for high-value information resources. To publishers, we offer data management, hosting and analytics services for monitoring, optimizing and monetizing use of digital books, journals, reference materials, and conference proceedings. For libraries, we provide portal access enabling them to collect high-quality COUNTER and SUSHI reporting from multiple publishers.

Since COUNTER reporting standards started in 2002, SiQ has built an unrivalled team of professionals in online publishing, business intelligence analytics, and data management to provide business-critical usage reporting and analytics services for academic publishing.

We are continuously developing leading business intelligence and optimization solutions and services, and consistently deliver a wide range of solutions, services and best practices specifically for academic publishers. These solutions deliver to requirements from changing industry standards and to the evolving needs of our publishing customers, seeking more insight and value from usage data.

Our solutions are fully independent, flexible and client-focused, including developments in SQL, Hadoop, Hive, Redshift, IBM, Tableau, Vertica, QlikView and others. We design platform-independent reporting that has been delivered across HighWire, Silverchair, IDM, Safari, Ingenta and publisher-specific custom platforms.

We have maintained COUNTER compliancy as a trusted third party since 2003 and are an authorized compliant vendor to the latest COUNTER R5 and SUSHI standards.