May 23rd, 2018

Scholarly iQ partners with UNSILO to create unified analytics solution

Helotes, Texas, USA / Aarhus, Denmark, May 23 2018

Danish machine-learning company UNSILO and leading analytics provider Scholarly iQ (SiQ) have announced a partnership to provide a unified analytics solution for publishers and institutions. The tool will enable organisations involved in academic publishing, such as institutions, publishers, and societies, to be able to track usage of any document, and to link the usage to the key concepts contained within that document.

Commented Michael Upshall, UNSILO Head of Business Development: "The continuing expansion and take-up of tools such as COUNTER indicate the value to the industry of analytics tools, but at the same time other initiatives attempt to capture other aspects of content and usage. What the industry needs is a unified analytics tool that identifies which content is used and why. We believe this partnership is unique in offering the two tools together. Publishers will be able to see which articles are being read widely, and see the concepts contained within. Using this information, they will for example be able to identify topics for new content and future textbooks.”

Stuart Maxwell, VP Business Development, SiQ added: “Whilst COUNTER compliant data provide consistent, credible and comparable metrics for usage of Journals, Books, Databases, Articles and other content items, and we are able to provide flexible reporting, trending, segmentation etc around these, the addition of categorisation into concepts means we can now provide analysis and even predictive forecasting around topics. This change means that we are no longer limiting reporting on just titles but, with a scoring system based on accountable and trusted usage metrics applied to concepts contained within content, we can now analyse user interest and engagement based on cross-title subjects and keywords. The new insight this provides to both internal publisher stakeholders such as editors and CMOs as well as external stakeholders such as librarians and funders is tremendously exciting.”

About Scholarly iQ
Scholarly iQ provides independent, trusted data solutions to the academic publishing market. Leaders in usage reporting since 2002, SiQ services integrate and deliver meaningful data accurately and on time for better business decisions.

SiQ leverages leading technologies and has a solid team of professionals in online publishing, web analytics, database integration, and web site development, providing legendary client support 24x7 with energy, enthusiasm and commitment. This combination ensures that SiQ continuously provide exemplary customer centric solutions with industry leading people, processes and technologies.

In addition, SiQ actively supports the academic publishing market as a whole through community participation including NISO’s SUSHI Developers Group and Business Information Topic Committee (, the Society for Scholarly Publishing (, UKSG ( and COUNTER’s International Advisory Board ( For more information, contact us.

About UNSILO (
UNSILO is an artificial intelligence software company that develops advanced tools for text understanding and processing. UNSILO tools deliver dramatic workflow improvements by reducing processing time, while at the same time improving quality and accuracy.

The UNSILO Document Enrichment service forms the basis of over 20 separate functional solutions, both APIs and full-stack products for publishers, including detection of trending topics as they emerge, creation and maintenance of topic packages, and calculation of semantic relatedness, to recommend content, match journals, and locate experts.

UNSILO works with world-leading content providers in science, legal, and corporate R&D to improve discoverability across their platforms, and to augment internal publishing processes.

Media Contact at UNSILO:
Michael Upshall, Head of Sales & Business Development, UNSILO

Media Contact at Scholarly iQ:
Stuart Maxwell, VP, Scholarly iQ (