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"I’m truly impressed! Usually I fire off these emails and (because of time differences) expect a reply back next day. Not only have you replied, but you’ve fixed the problem, within a couple of hours! You’re all wonderful … thanks very much!"

"After giving myself a crash course and learning how the process worked I came to appreciate how straightforward the Scholarly IQ site is, especially compared to others I had to work with. In fact, my first successful SUSHI download was from Scholarly IQ.

I have used the Scholarly IQ site with other providers, and have been pleased. I also appreciated the quick support I received from both Accessible Archives and Unlimited Priorities in response to my questions."

"We love their enthusiasm and responsiveness"

"I have been in this industry for a very long time and I can say without qualification, never have I worked with a team that made the implementation of a project as easy as you have – everyone was a pleasure to deal with, you were uniquely sympathetic to our situation, you worked through all of our challenges with us to come to mutually agreeable solutions – this has truly been amazing.

I would be delighted to act as a reference for you at any time – your team is first class all the way – and very patient – helpful when dealing with the ‘slower’ learning school. Thanks so much for everything!!!!"

"Thank you for your prompt, courteous, and thorough response! I am very impressed with your team’s excellent support."

“Scholarly iQ are Brilliant!”

“SIQ understands our unique business models and has worked closely with us to deliver analytics services for both institutions and our publishing partners. We feel SIQ has both the domain and technical expertise required to be successful in this complicated but critical area of our business.”

"It's great to see all those downloads for the new issue's articles. One advantage we didn't anticipate about your services is that, a few days after I send out the table of contents alert, it can give us a really good snapshot of what articles people are responding to the most. This is something we never really had access to before."