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COUNTER compliance is the audited and approved process of providing standardized reports of online usage data for scholarly journals.


"The Standardized Usage Statistics Harvesting Initiative (SUSHI) Protocol standard (ANSI/NISO Z39.93) defines an automated request and response model for the harvesting of electronic resource usage data utilizing a Web services framework." - NISO

Web Analytics

Scholarly iQ's eBusiness solutions leverage an industry leading web analytics platform, Unica’s Affinium NetInsight Suite, for analyzing your web traffic and optimizing your site. A fully featured web analytics and marketing tool, NetInsight can be used in combination with our COUNTER reporting services module for robust daily COUNTER statistics and multi-dimensional data analysis capabilities based on your offline data.

Data Management

The COUNTER reporting process requires multiple feeds from Publishers. The Scholarly iQ process contains the important step of proactively analyzing all incoming feeds for relational integrity and will cleanse the data based on agreed upon standards.

Scholarly iQ eBusiness Solutions
Customer Testimonials

"SIQ understands our unique business models and has worked closely with us to deliver analytics services for both institutions and our publishing partners. We feel SIQ has both the domain and technical expertise required to be successful in this complicated but critical area of our business."

- American Institute of Physics