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Scholarly iQ has developed a tried and tested SUSHI web reporting service that is well used by librarians for harvesting usage reports from publishers. Scholarly iQ’s SUSHI Web Service provides a one-stop-shop, intuitive web portal for librarians to access COUNTER and non-COUNTER reports as well as harvest reports from multiple publishers in one place.

Scholarly iQ provides full support for the SUSHI service with an authorization key to ensure secure access, and check and verify which reports are permitted. Scholarly iQ has also already collaborated with leading 3rd party software service companies to ensure interoperability and that libraries can harvest full benefits. 3rd party services already tested include Penn Libraries, EBSCO, ExLibris, Serials Solutions, Innovative Interfaces and Altova.

The Scholarly iQ SUSHI Web Service now provides fast, robust and fully supported SUSHI web services for librarians to harvest their usage reports for improved and easier analysis.

"elThe Standardized Usage Statistics Harvesting Initiative (SUSHI) Protocol standard (ANSI/NISO Z39.93) defines an automated request and response model for the harvesting of electronic resource usage data utilizing a Web services framework."e; – NISO

Supported reports include COUNTER Journal, Database and Book Reports:

Journal Report 1 (JR1)

Journal Report 5 (JR5)

Consortia Report 2 (CR2)

Journal Report 1a (JR1a)

Database Report 1 (DB1)

Book Report 1 (BR1)

Journal Report 2 (JR3)

Database Report 3 (DB3)

Book Report 2 (BR2)

Journal Report 4 (JR4)

Consortia Report 1 (CR1)


SiQ makes signing up and implementation of the latest SUSHI protocols (version 1.6) even easier with a new automated process that allows librarians to begin harvesting usage data in a matter of minutes.

SiQ’s SUSHI Subscription Service provides the full suite of COUNTER compliant reports across a host of publishers, all in one place.

To register for an account if you don't have one, click here and follow the instructions to create an account.

To successfully access Scholarly iQ's SUSHI Web Service, the following credentials will be required:

  • URL to the SUSHI Web Service:
  • The IP address of the device(s) that will access the service.
  • A unique authorization key (Requestor ID which will be supplied by Scholarly iQ).
  • Your Institution ID (SUSHI Customer ID).

All other fields should be filled in as defined by the SUSHI schema "ReportRequest" field. The "Created" will be overridden by the system time that the report was requested and processed.

Additional information about the SUSHI protocol can be found at the NISO website. Additional information about COUNTER can be found at the Project COUNTER website.

Current Version Our SUSHI service is running SUSHI version 1.6, delivering compliant COUNTER compliant journal and database reports as well as book and reference works reports. For more information on setting up your ERM or SUSHI client to access the Scholarly iQ SUSHI Web Service, please review our user guide by clicking here.