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Web Analytics

Scholarly iQ eBusiness solutions leverage an industry leading web analytics platform, Unica's Affinium NetInsight Suite, for analyzing your web traffic and optimizing your site

A fully featured web analytics and marketing tool, NetInsight is used in combination with our COUNTER reporting system capabilities and provides the necessary foundation for the highest accuracy. Both these systems are fully integrated offering you the best of both worlds in one streamlined solution.

Have you ever wanted to track:

  • The impact of COUNTER compliancy and the usage discarded as Double-Clicks?
  • Users who clicked through your Table of Contents, Email Alerts or RSS Feeds?
  • The use of Google organic search terms or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising like AdWords?
  • Usage of Federated Search engines?
  • The conversion rate of your Single Article Sales?
  • The Articles users chose off of the ToC alerts?

This and more can be accomplished using the NetInsight analytics tool in combination with our COUNTER services. You can create custom reports, and automate the delivery of reports to include information that integrates your web log and offline data at your fingertips.

Have you ever wanted:

  • Interactive action ready reports that relate to your key business objectives?
  • Custom dashboards for key users of analytics data?
  • Ad-hoc analysis such as looking backward in time to determine seasonal trends?
  • Drag-drop and drill-down capabilities including data correlation?
  • Integration of offline data?
  • To examine individual click streams?
  • Robot/Spider analysis?
  • Interactive geographic heat maps that provide drill-down capabilities from continent to city?
  • Heat map overlays on your key web pages?
  • A/B analysis and date comparison reporting?

Scholarly iQ eBusiness Solutions
Customer Testimonials

"SIQ understands our unique business models and has worked closely with us to deliver analytics services for both institutions and our publishing partners. We feel SIQ has both the domain and technical expertise required to be successful in this complicated but critical area of our business."

- American Institute of Physics