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Sample Reports

Scholarly iQ has created a full set of actionable reports for both Publishers and Librarians. Need a timely COUNTER report? We have it. Need to report on the details of a user session? Fire up our web analytics tools and customize your report.

Your information is updated daily so you can retrieve day-to-day usage reports that will give you every answer that you need. No need to wait for the end of the month for COUNTER compliant statistics, these are also provided daily.

Reports for Publishers:

  • Journal Reports
  • Reports by Subscribing Institution, Consortia, Societies and Custom Groupings
  • Management Reports
  • Web Analytics

COUNTER Reports for Librarians:

  • JR1: Number of Successful Full-Text Article Requests by Month and Journal
  • JR3: Number of Successful Item Requests by Month, Journal and Page-Type
  • JR4: Total Searches Run by Month and Service
  • DB1: Total Searches and Sessions by Month and Database
  • DB3: Total Searches and Sessions by Month and Service

COUNTER reports for Books and Reference Material is also supported.

The reports above can be delivered in multiple formats for improved portability including HTML, PDF, CSV, XLS and XML. A SUSHI web service is also provided for automated delivery of XML reports to librarians.