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COUNTER For Partner Service Providers

Independent Data Management, Processing and Integration Services for Enriched Business Applications and Services

Scholarly iQ knows all about academic publishing data. As leaders in usage reporting since 2002, we integrate and deliver meaningful data accurately and on time to make sure business applications work to their highest potential and ensure that partner businesses deliver success to their customers.

Whether you are a data vendor, the provider of software, services or business applications or even a marketing or sales consultancy, SiQ can help you make sure that the data that drives your services actually works for your customers and integrates with their wider business needs.

SiQ has helped many businesses take the pain out of their data management and integrate multiple data assets whilst ensuring they are adhering to the industry’s highest levels of standards.

Typical data integrations SiQ has delivered include:

Article data Journal data Pricing Subscription
CRM Web Analytics COUNTER Campaigns
Email DOIs Business Intelligence CMS
Metadata Change Management Abuse Monitoring Institutional Data
SSOs SEM    

Fully independent, SiQ’s business is all about data and it’s use. If you would like your business to focus more on what it does best and deliver even higher standards to your customers, let SiQ show you how we can support and deliver to all your data management needs efficiently, securely, and with the highest levels of robustness and service. To find out more about our experience and how SiQ can work with your business contact us today.